When looking for help on supporting family health with essential oils or advice on essential oil use we highly recommend that you seek the advice of a professional aromatherapist. 

An aromatherapist having studied the IFPA course will have spent 300 hours reading, studying and researching in preparation to treat people safely. To maintain membership with this professional association, they will need to continue learning and updating their knowledge. The IFPA always keep they members informed of new findings on effectiveness and safety and members are up to date with legislation concerning their practise.



Professional aromatherapists aren’t trained how to sell essential oils or encouraged to use vast quantities of oil on a daily basis, they will understand that less is more when it comes to the use of essential oils. Aromatherapists aren’t trained to pour oils neat onto the skin but are trained to scientifically understand how the skin need a protective barrier with essential oil use, we never want to burn our clients skin. They will know how an oil will chemically interact with another oil in the blend so the choices they make are educated, considered, scientific and importantly, stable.

Professional aromatherapists do not have targets or bonuses to work to, their clients feeling well and having rest from the physical and mental strains of life is the target they work towards. So completing a full consultation to understand a clients physical and emotional health will give the aromatherapist all the information they need to provide a treatment plan which may include massage, inhalers, ointments or compresses. A professional aromatherapist will know that you cannot effectively choose essential oils for a person unless you have done a full consultation to understand the symptoms the client has.

They love their essential oils and treat them with care, understanding that sometimes we choose not to use certain oils due to the risk of extinction of a certain plant or tree, they will  respect the earth that supplies the oils, will ensure the suppliers of the essential oils are farming the land responsibly and will be maintaining a good relationship with their essential oils suppliers. They will store their essential oils properly to maintain their full therapeutic properties because they know any change in their environment changes the molecular structure and could change the stability of the oil inside.

A professional aromatherapist will be seeking to see each client that comes to them treated individually, holistically and with care, love and attention. The IFPA code of conduct ensures that each client is treated in a professional and confidential manner.

If you are looking for advice on essential oils use please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can connect you with your nearest IFPA trained professional aromatherapist, alternatively contact IFPA who would be very happy to help you. If someone gives you essential oils advice, please check their qualification and if their insurance allows them provide this information to you.

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