June 2018 Table Thai Massage


June 2018


Course will run from The Well Retreat, Unit 2 Glebe Farm Park, Turweston, Northamptonshire, NN13 5JE

Refreshments will be provided throughout the day, please bring your own lunch.

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Course Description

The table massage has a tradition in Thai treatment therapy.  Originating (we believe) in the monasteries, it was formalised to some extent in the Royal Hospital School in Chiang Mai.  From a practical perspective, the treatment evolved to treat people in their hospital beds, as part of their rehab, instead of on floor mats, in the traditional manner.


The Inner Core Table Thai massage treatment is an adaptation of this.  An easy-to-learn routine that will give you a stand-alone new treatment for your practice, as well as the skills to incorporate the movements into you existing work.


Within the course structure, we will give you;


Knowledge of the pressures associated with Thai treatments and how and when to apply them safely.

The background to Sen (energy) lines, through which Thai practitioners treat.

Protocols for the use of clothing and covering, while employing Thai treatments.

The treatment, flowing as a full routine, with time to swap and practise and experience the benefits.

How to adapt pressure and personalise your treatments whilst maintaining good posture yourself.

A full and detailed manual, with photos of the movements.

Tips on marketing the treatment and how to integrate it into your practice

This course is open to massage therapists with an A&P certificate, osteopaths & chiropractors.  Certification will be based on a range of oral and practical assessment.