Myofascial Release Course – Please Enquire


Date: 12.11.17
Tutors: Declan Clark & Caren Benstead

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Course Description

Fascia connects and can control everything inside us, yet it is still treated as a bit of a mystery and separate from other structures.


Spend a day with Bodywork, Breathing and Pilates specialists, Caren Benstead and Declan Clark and we will de-mystify it with you.


This course is suitable for qualified bodywork therapists, Yoga, Pilates teachers and teachers of movement through martial arts or dance.


If you have clients and are finding that you work with their muscles time and again, but they don’t seem to be able to break through that mobility barrier.  It may be that understanding fascia is the key you are looking for.


Learn how to;

Catch it, feel it, control it and make it work for you.

Create more movement around old scar tissue.

Use it to release fluid from tissues and reduce pain.

Mobilize joints without pain and with long-term effect.

Use it to allow muscle to move more freely and without stress.

You’ll learn, what fascia is made of and how it interacts with other connective tissues.

You’ll learn, techniques for moving, using the breath and freedom to achieve more range of movement.

You’ll learn, the benefits of slow stretching, for longer lasting effects.

This is a bodywork and movement discovery course and students will be able to take techniques and adapt them to their practice.

You’ll be shown correct body use, breathing and working posture (for massage therapists), to help you keep doing what you do best and increase your earning potential at the same time.

You’ll be shown how to offer the client appropriate aftercare and further treatment or referral if necessary

There will be ample time for teaching, practice and questions.

Suitable comfortable clothing will be needed.