Mango Myrtle® essential oil


Mango Myrtle® essential oil is another of Australia’s newest essential oils, another world’s first, available only from Essentially Australia. We saw it on a property, we then tested and researched it, propagated it, planted it out, harvested it and now after many years, it’s available for purchase as a ready-to-use essential oil.
Fresh, juicy and uplifting – it smells just like a green mango!

Botanical name: Mango Myrtle® Essential Oil Aroma


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An uplifting fruity/lemony aroma, sweet yet refreshing, juicy and mouth-watering, yet not too sweet. It’s got a clear ‘zing’ or ‘zest’ to it. It’s a very fragrant, tropical fruit scented oil.

Mango Myrtle® Essential Oil Benefits
Mango Myrtle® instantly refreshes and uplifts, a little bit like Lemon Myrtle, but with a distinct tropical fruit aroma, evoking a sense of summer. It can assist concentration, may works as an anti-depressive, and it helps remove bad room smells and bad energy. It’s also very suitable for use in cosmetics and fine perfumery.

Clear amber yellow in colour, watery consistency, the scent is of fresh green mango/lemony/citrus.

Extraction and Farming Method
Mango Myrtle® oil is extracted via steam distillation of the leaves and green branchlets. The tree is grown in plantations by Essentially Australia in northern New South Wales. Plantation trees are planted in rows, are kept to a maximum height of 4 metres, they are hand harvested and are then steam distilled immediately to maintain quality Mango Myrtle® essential oil.
No wild trees are harvested to make this oil.


Traditional Usage
Indigenous use of this plant, included regular eating of the raw fruit as a bushtucker or adding the fruit to water for a fruity flavoured drink or fruit was added to food for a fruity flavouring.
The Blue Lilly Pilly plant was used as a perfume, by rubbing the leaves on the skin. The leaves were also rubbed on the skin for an uplifting, refreshing or anti-depressive effect. There were other medicinal uses made of the plants fruits or leaves.

Early European Usage
Mango Myrtle® oil or any Blue Lilly Pilly oil has never before been commercially produced previously. The blue to purplish fruit is eaten occasionally by some people or made into jams, jellies and flavoured drinks, there are accounts of also wine being made out of the fruit.