Community Conversations – Meet our horticultural therapist


Come and join us for the first Community Conversations in lockdown 3.0

When – Wednesday 13th 2020

Time – 11am-12pm

Cost – Free

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Course Description

We cannot wait to welcome you back around our virtual kitchen table to chat all things aromatherapy, spend some time together and all the usual lovely things about Community Conversations. In this session we have a guest speaker, Annabelle, our horticultural therapist based within The Well Retreat. She is joining us to chat about how she uses the garden as a therapy space….let me give Annabelle the space to explain..

“Hello, Im Annabelle,

I’m super excited to join the community and introduce you to the world of beautiful plants and horticultural therapy! During the session, I will explain how amazing plants can be for enhancing our wellbeing, the lessons they teach and exactly how I use the garden as a healing space with clients.I will also talk you through some incredible medicinal plants, how to grow them and incorporate them in your work and/or garden. I really hope you can join us and I look forward to meeting you.”
So please come and join us for this lovely session, it would be wonderful to see you again.