Breathing For Stress


Join The Well School tutor and friend, Declan Clark for a special workshop on breathing and breath work to aid with stress release.

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Course Description

Join The Well School tutor and friend, Declan Clark for a special recorded workshop on breathing and breath work.

During the Corona virus lock down, our friends and colleagues offered to run short webinars for our community to keep you inspired and enhance your existing fabulous skills.

Declan Clark came to help us learn more about breath, the importance of breathing well and how it can support us, our loved ones and our clients to manage stress and tension during these difficult times.

Declan will revisit the functional elements of internal and external breathing, including which muscles and membranes are included. We will look at what factors change our breathing, including the stress that we, our family or our clients may be dealing with in the current circumstances. We will ask, what are the consequences of poor breathing and how can we make changes or offer support to those who would like to make changes.

Not only do we hope that you will learn something new about the importance of the gift of breath, but we hope to give you tools to support your clients in the self-care programmes you may be offering during this time.

We form a beautiful community within the Well School of people with passion for their subjects. Our friend Declan is passionate about teaching people about breath, but he is also a massage therapist, clinical aromatherapist, teacher of anatomy and physiology and a Buteyko Breathing Educator and has been working in our wonderful industry for over 27 years.

Be inspired, equipped and encouraged.