January 2020 : Baby Massage Instructor


Come and join us for this two day course

Train to become a baby massage instructor.

Massage is a great combination of touch and attention that babies love.   For babies, being massaged by their parents is probably the best remedy for most of their day to day problems.  Whether it’s colic, tiredness or tooth ache, baby is distracted with play while the massage produces some of those much needed endorphins.

So, we know the babies will love the massage and if they’re happy, everybody’s happy!

This very practical two-day course will teach you how to instruct groups of parents in why massage is so good and the best way to achieve its benefits

18th & 19th January 2020

Certification is subject to successful completion of the course and all assessments.
The course is recognised by IFPA for insurance purposes.
The course is open to qualified therapists and for professional working with babies and children.


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Course Description

The remit of the course is to equip therapists who are already skilled in massage and or baby care and have an interest in being able to use massage therapy for the whole family.  The specific skill is aimed at instructing parents, grandparents and carers, in how they can all benefit from baby massage.

You will learn;

What babies could be suffering from to cause their pain and crying – safety checks and when to refer

How colic and constipation happen and what parents can do about them.

Why mothers and babies’ reactions to each other are so important and what mums and dads can do to help matters

Baby cues and reactions to stimuli and how we can use those to settle babies

A full teaching routine for conducting a group session, along with a massage sequence, which has worked well for many years.

How to market yourself to various groups through your practice and how to manage a safe and comfortable session for all concerned.

This course has been devised by a tutor with twenty five years’ experience of teaching baby massage to groups of parents and specialising in pregnancy massage ad taught by school principle, Caren Benstead who successfully ran baby massage classes.  It will show you how to plan for and manage a group teaching environment and it will open up ideas of how to work with other family-related professionals to broaden your market.

Duration: 2 days