Aromatherapeutic treatments for respiratory conditions


Date: 18.11.17
Tutor: Debbie Moore


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Course Description

The course looks at the various respiratory conditions that affect our clients and is aimed at those therapists working in a clinical care setting. After a brief introduction and overview of the process of ventilation; various respiratory conditions are looked at through their pathology, symptomatology and the conventional course of treatment.The chemical components that can be used to address those symptoms are then discussed and include those essential oils most suited to treating the conditions.The day finishes by putting the knowledge into practice by devising blends and treatment programs suitable to the relevant conditions. Various practical applications are discussed and utilised.

This one day post-graduate course is for aromatherapists who want to help their clients who have respiratory problems, such as a cough or cold through to asthma or emphysema. The student will discover how these conditions affect the client and understand how conventional treatment is used. They will look at some specific essential oils in detail which help with breathing and infection and learn how to use them practically for all situations. This course is especially suited to those therapists working in a health care environment.