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Why use a professional aromatherapist?

When looking for help on supporting family health with essential oils or advice on essential oil use we highly recommend that you seek the advice of a professional aromatherapist.  An aromatherapist having studied the IFPA course will have spent 300 hours reading,...

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Essential Oils for First Aid

We hosted an 'Emergency First Aid at Work' course at the school yesterday to allow health professionals the opportunity to learn or renew their skills. The content of the course is so valuable and left all students feeling confident that in an emergency they would be...

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CPD? Why should we invest in CPD courses?

Do you sometimes struggle to find a CPD course that excites you? Sometimes they seem too like each other, or last year. Sometimes the descriptions make it difficult to know how you could make it work with your practice and turn it into a good investment. I would say...

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Immune Boosting Bath Salts

At this time of year the body comes under attack from so many different colds, coughs and viruses. We can use essential oils to boost the immune system to stay well and healthy. In this video you will find a quick and easy way of boosting the immune system. Bath salts...

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An international perspective on our Aromatherapy Diploma

  At The Well School, we had the pleasure of training Mari Ohashi in Clinical Aromatherapy. Following her course, we asked her to share her journey into the world of aromatherapy and her experience of studying The Aromatherapy Company diploma at The Well School. We...

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Perfume Oil Recipe – Christmas Gift

In recent years we have seen a resurgence in both oil and solid based perfumes which has allowed us to experiment with blends to create bespoke perfumes. This skill allows us to create beautiful gifts for the festive season. If you find beautiful vintage bottles, why...

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Follow up of our Myofascial Release Discovery Day

Follow up of our Myofascial Release Discovery Day On Sunday our CPD in Myofascial Release Discovery Day took place at The Well Retreat.  Declan Clark of Innercore Therapy and Caren Benstead of Divine Therapy welcomed students for a day of learning and treating...

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The Wonders Of Fascia

Why do you feel restricted? A little view under the skin, courtesy of the work of Jean-Claude Guimbarteau.  On our Myofascial Release Discovery Day, we will learn, feel, move, discuss, explain, NOT cut, definitely nooo cutting! And explore everything that...

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Essential Oils To Ease Anxiety

As a new season approaches, one has to adjust to not only the weather but in school, university, work or 'life in general'. This could steer you in to uncertainty and lead you to anxiousness in both mind and spirit. Aromatherapists at The Well have...

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Welcome to our new website

Hello from the Well School Welcome to our blog. We hope that it will be informative, useful and an interesting read. Keep popping back for new posts or subscribe to our blog to receive updates.  GET IN TOUCH We'd love to hear from you. Call us on 01280 875405 FOLLOW...

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