At The Well School, we had the pleasure of training Mari Ohashi in Clinical Aromatherapy. Following her course, we asked her to share her journey into the world of aromatherapy and her experience of studying The Aromatherapy Company diploma at The Well School. We hope you enjoy reading Mari’s story.

1) Hi Mari, please tell us how you decided to become a clinical aromatherapist?

In Tokyo I was a Colour Therapist. During my training I had learnt the basics of Aromatherapy in order to get my qualification. I’ve always been interested in alternative medicine and I love plants, flowers and scent. I also wanted a profession that I could use anywhere in the world.



2) How did you enjoy your time as a student at The Well School?

My time at The Well School was delightful thanks to our teacher, Caren, and my fellow classmates. Caren was so kind, funny, and always ready to share her knowledge and experience with us. She could always make us happy. It was a very comfortable environment to study in.

先生のカレンやクラスメイトのおかげで充実した時間を送ることができました。カレンは本当に優しくて可愛くて面白い!! また常に私たちに必要な知識や経験をシェアーしてくれたので、自然にリラックスして自分のペースでコースを受ける事ができました。


3) Did you enjoy the AromaCo course?

I enjoyed the course very much. I found it relaxing and very rewarding. Not only were the classes amazing but I really enjoyed our trip to the National Herb Centre on the last day of the course. It was a lovely day and I’m glad I could share it with Caren and my classmates. I would love to go there again!



4) Since you qualified with The Well School what have you done with your qualification?

Returning to Japan, I was immediately employed as a Spa Therapist by the 5 Star The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Tokyo Midtown. It’s such a beautiful hotel with my treatment room located on the 46th floor. The views were stunning. My room was North facing so I could see the Imperial Palace but from the Spa Lounge you can see everywhere, from Mt. Fuji in the West to Tokyo Tower in the East. To be honest I didn’t have much time to look out the window, during the 9 months I worked there I gave more than 700 treatments to Ritz-Carlton guests and spa members. Prior to this, my training consisted of learning over 15 massage courses and techniques. It was a very busy time. One that I am very grateful for having experienced.



5) What is your favourite essential oil and how do you like to use it?

My favourite essential oil is Sandalwood. I’m using it with Patchouli for inhalation and as a facial oil with Frankincense. However, I’m not going to tell you my secret recipes!