Do you sometimes struggle to find a CPD course that excites you? Sometimes they seem too like each other, or last year. Sometimes the descriptions make it difficult to know how you could make it work with your practice and turn it into a good investment.

I would say though that you should not let any of that put you off doing them. The true value of the day can be hidden, not in the course objectives but by the learning environment that you are engaging in. It is often the people you meet and the unforeseen opportunities arising that make a course worthwhile.

I say this as a therapist of twenty-six years standing and having lectured for a lot of that and written and run CPD courses for my own training company.  Of course, I have a huge amount still to learn and will only ever know a fraction of what there is to know.

What I have learned this year again and needed to be reminded again, is that those connections can lead to a great deal more than you thought was possible, new friends, colleagues and business opportunities.

Courses are fully tax deductible and regardless of the subject matter, they will feed your thirst for learning. Don’t look at them as something that your association requires you to do, but as networking and the best way to reinvigorate your practice.

We hope you will find our CPD course list is varied and that we offer you something you would like to learn

See you soon