As a new season approaches, one has to adjust to not only the weather but in school, university, work or ‘life in general’. This could steer you in to uncertainty and lead you to anxiousness in both mind and spirit.

Aromatherapists at The Well have discovered how to ease your anxiety with 3 ways to use essential oils.

With the use of these essential oils detailed below, learn how to breathe those worries away.

Oils to Use: 1-2 drops of Frankincense, Lavender or Ylang Ylang –

1. Diffuse in a diffuser or nebulizer to fill your space with a relaxation inducing aroma.

2. Stop anxiety in its tracks with this next method. Pop the oils onto a tissue, place over your nose and mouth, close your eyes and inhale deeply 3 times whilst slowing down your breathing and drawing the mind away from anxious thoughts – feel the calming begin.

3. Put a few drops on your pillow. Slow down and deepen your breathing, exhale slowly. Fall asleep comforting your nerves, muscles and bones.


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