Aromatherapy for Health Professionals

If you are a nurse, nurse practitioner, acupuncturist, occupational therapist, physical therapist or naturopath, if you have insurance under which you may use the essential oils in treating your clients, then this is an excellent introduction to the clinical use of essential oils. Clinical Aromatherapy programs are increasingly being integrated into the healthcare system in a variety of settings and for a multiplicity of purposes.

We are offering you a course that will give you knowledge on 14 essential oils including the method of production, storage and safe usage including blending techniques. Also the carrier and base oils and lotions are introduced. We will teach you how to use these essential oils in a seated back, neck, shoulder massage routine and a separate hand and foot massage routine. You will need to provide copies of certificates of qualifications before you can access the course available to you.

This course can also be foundation to further Aromatherapy studies and will be included towards the diploma qualification.


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